Monday, May 18, 2015

Progressing Investigators and Mission Council

So this week we had a really cool experience! A man showed up at seminary and the teacher took his address and passed it to us. We visited him the next day, and he has a baptismal date! The next day he went to institute and he went to church! He understands the lessons well, and is excited to learn about family history work.
Right now, with the exception of the investigator mentioned above our investigators are progressing slowly. We encountered an investigator who we haven't been able to talk to for a while, and he said that his work is short several workers right now so everyone is working double and he hasn't been able to go to church because he is currently working Sunday morning.
Since Elder Dias was temporarily out of commission this week, I went to mission council in his place, and I learned a ton there. All of the stuff that the zone leaders tell us is little compared to what they talk about in mission council. Then again the next day I had to pass a part to the zone which really wasn't too bad.
Elder Dias is doing a lot better, and is back on his feet working hard, but we have another missionary in our zone that has caught dangue. What fun.

Well another normal and wild week in Brasil

Elder Lindsey

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

He's Training!

Well this week was great! Elder G Correâ was transferred to Novo Friburgo, which is in Teresopolis. I had to go to Juiz de Fora to pick up my companion and receive a training then we came back home (about 9 hours of traveling.) We started work on Thursday an all if our plans fell through, but we managed to knock a few doors and find some new investigators. Elder Cruz (my new companion) assigned a baptismal date in his first lesson in the field!!
Friday was weekly planning and a little less successful than Thursday (we still had 4 lessons but we cut a lot of investigators.) 
However, we did teach one man and his girlfriend and helped them learn about the Restoration.
Saturday was pretty normal (except taking an Elder to the hospital) but we did have several drunkards stop us on the streets.
Sunday we walked clear out to a neighborhood called Km4 (because it is at kilometer marker 4 (I'm pretty sure its already in São Paulo) then headed to Ano Bom where we went to the house of a member and talked to our families for Mother's Day, and then headed home.
I've returned to be Assistant to the Zone Leaders because one of them is sick and the responsibilities is way to much for one Elder. I will therefore have to journey all the way to Juiz de Fora again tonight.)
This week I have started asking a lot more questions and now I'm getting good at having the investigator let himself be taught by the Spirit. It's a much more effective way to teach! The sad part is that several times I have seen the investigator know that it is true, or at least know that he can know and still turn down happiness.
Our efforts have been exceedingly more effective and we have been spending more time on lessons and walking a lot less!
We have also had the opportunity to give several blessings this week and it is amazing to feel the Spirit guide the words that come out of the mouth of the person giving the blessing.
The new elders in my district are pretty cool, we have two in training, and a pretty awesome new Zone Leader

well I love you all and I will write to y'all again next week!

Ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Elder Lindsey

Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Mother's Day Next Week!

Sorry but again I am running out of time (I've been using more time to talk to individuals and as such my main letter is suffering...)

This week was great!

Yesterday we were looking for a less active, and it appeared that the address didn't exist. As we were going to leave a set of staircases looked familiar and we saw the right number (530 came after 532 instead of before)

 We then had an amazing spiritual lesson with a woman who accepted our message and looks like she has great potential in being baptized! She also told us where her son (less active) is living Agora.
This week we started getting crazy amounts of referrals and we don't have the time to talk with everyone! But hey I've learned it pays to work with members. Visit them, share a quick lesson, help them with something, and then they help you!
Anyway I love you all!
and I will talk to my family on Sunday (and they can tell you more)

Also this transfer was only 5 weeks so-- new transfer! I will be staying, but Elder Correa is being transferred!