Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Mother's Day Next Week!

Sorry but again I am running out of time (I've been using more time to talk to individuals and as such my main letter is suffering...)

This week was great!

Yesterday we were looking for a less active, and it appeared that the address didn't exist. As we were going to leave a set of staircases looked familiar and we saw the right number (530 came after 532 instead of before)

 We then had an amazing spiritual lesson with a woman who accepted our message and looks like she has great potential in being baptized! She also told us where her son (less active) is living Agora.
This week we started getting crazy amounts of referrals and we don't have the time to talk with everyone! But hey I've learned it pays to work with members. Visit them, share a quick lesson, help them with something, and then they help you!
Anyway I love you all!
and I will talk to my family on Sunday (and they can tell you more)

Also this transfer was only 5 weeks so-- new transfer! I will be staying, but Elder Correa is being transferred!

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