Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Missionary Work is Awesome

Seriously, missionary work is awesome! It's hard, and there are a lot of challenges (like sore feet).  But then there is that one moment, when your investigator sees you across the street, and calls your name, then comes and talks to you....it  is totally worth it! Also members love missionaries! Every time we pass the house of Sister Cesar and she sees us she invites us in, gives us a drink and a snack.

We have 12 new pesquisadores (investigators) this week. They are all amazing! Please pray for Claudia, and Ricardo, they both know the church is true, but they just need to stop smoking and drinking. They are by far our investigators with the most potential, and the other day they invited over two of their friends to have us teach them.
The people here are so humble, they have so little, and they love the Lord. We have taught people who live at the end of dirt roads, in houses I cannot stand up in, and some men who live under a bridge. At times when we talk to people on the street they start talking to us about their faith, and how they believe in Christ. The people here are trying to find Christ but don't know where.

The other day I was walking along a clear stream, when i noticed that it had turned brown, i looked back and saw a small trickle of filthy water had joined this much larger clear stream and had been polluted by a small bit of filth.

We walk a lot here. A lot of hills!! One of the pictures that I hope sends shows the terrain we are walking through all day.
Also pray for Vanhia and Eduardo. We set a baptismal date with them, but haven't been able to get in contact with them since.
The work is going great!  I am starting to be able to understand the majority of what people say. The members here love the missionaries, we can barely pass a members house without them stopping us and offering us a drink.
Moroni 7 (I think its verse 21 and 22 but it might not be, but it talks about faith.) Basically read everything Moroni wrote. :)
With all my love
Elder Lindsey
P.s. dont ever drop a meal appointment with the missionaries (you never know when they will be fasting)
PPS i tried to send pictures but they wouldnt load so maybe next time

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