Monday, September 29, 2014

Wesley...he's not who you think he is...and It's ELDER LINDSEY"S BIRTHDAY!

Well I will start this letter with Wesley. Who is Wesley? He was our upstairs neighbor, and considering the fact that like all missionaries we live on the top floor, he lived in the attic, and liked to keep us awake at night! Him, his wife and his children were really annoying. Oh, they were also gambas. (or in English skunks). Yes we had a family of skunks in our attic, and we called the bombeiros to come get rid of them. So no more skunks in the ceiling.Also it gets really foggy here in Brasil, and it rains a lot so everything tends to be wet most of the time.

So this week has been pretty good. We have had a lot more lessons with members, and we have started working with two less active members.
One of the youth in the ala has been bringing a friend to church who has started taking the lessons, and has committed to baptism (October 12)
Please pray for these investagators, as they have problems or doubts keeping them from being baptized:
Claudir has stopped drinking, but still has some problems with smoking.
Ricardo has also stopped drinking, but we havent been able to contact him, except seeing through some of his friends.
Pedro e Anezia are doing well, we aren't completely sure why they don't want to be baptized, but we are working hard with them.

On Friday we went and helped a member build a house. As in-- they were building the house we were hauling 20 kg bags of concrete, about two tons of rocks, and nearly a thousand bricks up seventy stairs. (about the first 10 times I ran, but after about 30 we all walked slowly up the stairs) Yeah we were exhausted, sore, and we've slept really well since.

The Lord watches his missionaries. I know that I have seen God taking care of us, and that he takes care of you.
This next week is GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! And my BIRTHDAY!!! (if you want to send something send reeses or candy)
"if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God"
Elder Lindsey
Moroni 8 3
I love you all.

Here are some pictures!
First, the district in the MTC
Second, his trainier
Third, his area

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