Monday, November 24, 2014

Transfers but I'm not leaving!

Well my pai is going to oba, and we are getting a new sister in our district, but otherwise our district is sticking around.
So this week has been averaging around 25C (thats around 75) it's also been cloudy and rainy...
So one day we are soaking wet because we are sweating buckets (I drank about 4 liters of water one day) then at the end of the day we are soaking because the sky was clear when we left the house but now it is pouring (but its still hot enough that fires are common somehow).
This week our numbers were pretty bad, all but one of our appointments fell through, but hey we might have another confirmation this week.
The young man who we have been working with for a while is back in his house, and his mother has agreed to let us baptize him after she has gone to church and taken the lessons (she also said we should give her son the lessons again so he knows exactly what he is getting in to). We should have at least one if not more confirmations coming from his family. (pray also that we can touch the heart of his father)
Besides that we don't really have any changes, or big happenings. I am seriously close to just giving up on some of our wards here (there is one we haven't had any lessons in, two we have had one in, and one we haven't had any lessons in for one transfer) maybe we just need to spend more time in them...
Miracle of the week: this week I had a headache, but it only ever hit me as we were climbing the servidão to our house, and always faded as we were descending.
This entire week our lunches fell trough (except sunday). At least in part, they all gave us money, but being with the member 1) takes less time 2) lets us get to know the members better 3) helps us get references from the members 4) gives us an opportunity to help the members with spiritual and physical needs 5) help less active, and non member family members. 6) I'm pretty sure the members get more blessings for feeding us than for giving us money (example we ate lunch with a poor member who when seeing we were to eat with her she realized she hadn't enough money, and at the store she found 50 r$ in her purse, so she used it all for us (best meal I've ever eaten here and probably #3 in my life) and I know that God will bless her more for doing so)
One thing i don't like about Brazilian computers is that the vast majority of them don't like my camera. (I feel sorry for Elder Cordeiro he just got some photos of his girlfriend and is now a little trunky) 
I love you all
Elder Lindsey
 This is a gospel of progression the ultimate end is progression, how do we get there? Daily progression here on this earth. How much have you progressed this week? (i know i could do better so don't take it too hard)

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