Monday, October 27, 2014

So much Rain! And crazy dogs!

Its been raining here!!!!! We were in a bit of a drought, and yesterday we received too much! Yesterday we went to lunch, and the sky was clear so we didn't bring our umbrellas. Then we waited for about 4 hours for the rain to slow down enough that we could run to the ward missionary meeting, then afterwards we had a member give us a ride home so we didn't have to walk through the rivers (streets).  We were completely soaked by the time we ran up the stairs to our house. Today while walking to centro we saw dozens of people cleaning the dirt that had been washed into the streets (like with bulldozers and dump trucks) yeah crazy amounts of rain!!!!!!!!This week we had some fun experiences with dogs, one followed us for almost two kilometers, and one said hi almost as enthusiastically as blaze!  I had a puppy almost pee on my shoe, and we got chased by a massive dog, like the kind whose shoulders stand higher than the head of blaze. (big dog)
We have started teaching someone who has been taking lessons from the Jehovah's witnesses, but they are really good investigators, and they even said that the Spirit had been with us as the lesson went on, so we have great hope for them!!  Elder Cordeiro has been a little sick again, please pray for him! This constant fluctuation between the thirties and the teens has been hard on his body.
Our system for asking referrals from members has really been great! We have several less actives we have started to work with and some new investigators. We have also been handing out papers to families that are guides as to how to do activities with non members and how to introduce them to the missionaries, so we should start seeing results from that these next few weeks. Also we are starting a PMG Sunday school class taught by none other than the MISSIONARIES!!! It's to help the members bring friends to the knowledge of the gospel.
This week we worked a lot with members trying to get them more involved in the missionary work, so hopefully we will get a lot more help from members (up to now almost everyone who has been doing good has been a referral.)
The food is good here, and I get fed plenty, so don't worry about me.
Well time is short here, I love you all.
Elder Lindsey
P.S. I don't remember who it was but one of the presidents of the church said that we should all try to bring one person into the church each year, think of how many souls we as a whole could bring unto Christ in a year if we all brought at least one person into the church.

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