Monday, February 2, 2015

God Blesses us Through Our Efforts

It's true! As we do our best, God will help us. 
Last week we had some time where everything fell through. (8 appointments in 1 day) so we resorted to knocking doors. We ended up teaching one lesson to an elderly man who wasn't all that interested.  He did give us a referral, and when we went to go visit that referral we found the elderly mans son who was an extreme alcoholic and smoker, but stopped just a little while ago. His wife (a less active member who was baptized 22 years ago) and their daughter were also there. We went in and taught the Restoration and marked a baptismal date with him, and before we could ask their daughter she said she also wanted to be baptized!

 We should be having 3 baptisms this week, they are referrals from the family we baptized a little over a week ago who are legally married. They have two sons, one of them is 8 months old and is really chubby.  Since we started teaching them they have read a large part of the Book of Mormon, stopped drinking coffee, and are ready to get baptized!!

Our other investigator who has a baptismal date this week is an 85 year old woman who has trouble hearing and can't read, so it has taken a lot of time to help her come to a knowledge of the truth. It got to the point where we were about to stop visiting her, but we invited her to pray and at the end of the prayer she decided she wanted to be baptized.

Right now the vast majority of our investigators live in Vista Alegre we have been grabbing plenty of buses to get there quickly and to get home quickly.
Also this week was the first time I did a division with a member, which was kind of cool! I now feel confident that I could train a new missionary, after having to carry the majority of the lessons and contacts with a member there to be a second witness.
I want to express my thanks for all of the prayers that y'all have been giving on my behalf, and want you to know that the Lord is watching over me.
I love you all.

I testify that this is the true church, guided by prophets. I know that we may be saved by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that by living his commandments we might have peace in this life and joy in the world to come.

Work hard my friends for salvation is not easy, and there are many needing to know the truth!

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