Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weird weather and Zone Conference. Prayers Needed.

Zone Conference! We woke up at 04h00 and got ready, and we all had to shower really fast because there was 8 of us in the house and we had to leave by 05h00. We got into a van, then went and picked up 4 sisters (making 13 in the van (with the driver) and drove to Petropolis. We were supposed to arrive there by 8, but because a truck turned over on a 2 lane mountain highway, we were stopped for over an hour, and the next hour was stop and go. We didn't arrive to conference until 09h30.

We had a little bit of extra time at the end and president talked for about 10 minutes about how awesome the sisters in our mission are (our mission is 1/3 sisters) and about 30 seconds saying that the Elders aren't too bad.

Yesterday I had the misfortune of being on the streets during a rainstorm, and the wind was so powerful, it was almost closing my umbrella. After about 2 min the streets were flooding, and the sun was shining????
 It then dried up then started raining again. The weather here in Brasil is weird.

It's weird thinking that this transfer is already almost over. I feel like I've been here in Barra Mansa for almost two weeks, even though it's been 5. I guess I got lost in the work.

This week we worked a lot in Vista Alegre, because all of our baptismal dates for this last week and this week were there. James and Caroline (names have been changed) did really well, and were baptized this week. After the baptism, their 3 year old son was taking off his shoes and socks because he wanted to get baptized too. 

Oh and the bishop brought cake.

The brother of James was sick this week so we are pushing his baptism forward another week, and we have started talking with basically the entire family of Caroline (several cousins, a brother, her mom)
We also have been working with an elderly lady who is the mother of a member. She got really sick this week, and we were really concerned, because the other Elders in our ward have a similar experience, and for them, they may not be able to baptize her. Anyway we gave our investigator a blessing and the next day she was better!

This week we also had two investigators tell us that they know that the church is true, but that they won't be baptized. It is really hard for us to see them take truth and reject it.

We also had troubles finding new investigators this week, and because we have been baptizing or cutting many of our old investigators, the number of people we are teaching has dropped, so if y'all could pray for us to be able to find people to teach this week that would be great.

I love you all.

Remember that the Lord often has his hands in small things, that we may not understand, but some day they may bring forth great fruits.

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Elder Lindsey

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