Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dog vs. Hand

I had a very angry dog try to get a piece of me.... and well thankfully I managed to move my hand, but my pants were a little too slow (he didn't get flesh, just my daily planner)
Anyway Fora Disto this week was awesome.
We didn't exactly have stellar numbers, but there were a lot of random miracles (like the fact that I felt like I should look at the dog a half a second before he went to bite me).
Hey could everyone pray for elder Cordeiro, he is in the hospital right now, and it is unlikely that he will be able to return to the field.
We have been teaching an investigator who is really close to being baptized! He wants to be baptized, but he thinks that since he has only known the church for 5 weeks it's a little fast for baptism.
This week we had a really cool experience, when we had 8 appointments and their alternate plan fell through we went and were passing to see if we could move an appointment forward an hour to try to move to another part of the neighborhood, when I stopped in front of a street and asked my companion if he had ever knocked doors on this street. He said no, so we went and knocked the first door and to our surprise we found the son of an investigator (who had never taken part in the lessons with his parents)  and his friend! We had a highly spiritual lesson and gave them baptismal dates.
We had a lot of people want to have appointments with us on Wednesday with us and of course Wednesday is zone conference so we will be in Petropolis.
Well I love you all and remember you often in my prayers!

avante avante meus irmãos 

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