Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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**His letters are getting to be a mix between English and Portuguese..so good luck reading this. :)

Well this week was awesome!
We had a lesson with a referral, and that went well but the only problem is that she works for "carama" and only has "fogo" one Sunday per month, so it is hard for her to be able to go to church.
We spent almost the entire week in Vista Alegre. We dropped an investigator who lives on a farm another forty minutes walking, so I'm not going to die this week.
We now have a ward mission leader, so I finally had a reunion with our LMA (ward mission leader) and it's great because his wife is the Relief Society President so she helps us a lot too (and made dinner for us). 
This week I talked with three types of Jehovah's Witnesses. First, the type that rudely says no.  Second, the type that will talk to you for a while and then politely say no. And last, the type that lets you teach them. (sadly they didn't accept any challenges or commitments so if we return it will probably be our last lesson for a while with him.
My English is terrible, but I'm trying to teach my companion English, so we are usually talking in the streets in Portuginglish.
Sadly because I'm out of time I've gotta log off!
Te amo!
Para frente e para alto

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