Monday, June 22, 2015

New Area: Barbacena

Welcome to my new area!
 I'm in a small ward that has a lot of problems, but they are working hard to overcome.
Barbacena is even smaller than my old area Barra Mansa and is extremely Catholic. Every day at six o'clock you can hear "ave maria cheia de graça... " being announced throughout the whole city sounding from every single Catholic church (which aren't few)
The city here is a bit cooler than Barra Mansa, and I pulled out a long sleeve shirt for the first time since Petropolis.
Saterday we had a "festa junina" and had a good number of non-members show up there and we had our own "barraca" and were giving out pass along cards, pamphlets and copies of the Book of Mormon. 
This week we will be doing an exposition in the city to do the same thing with everyone else but it might be a little hard as we wont receive materials and will more or less be handing out pass along cards.
So this week we are teaching a man 22 years old who is really awesome. This week he went to church (at 9 AM), and took his girlfriend there (we didn't know he had one). 
The last time we visited him he started saying that he didn't doubt, but that he didn't yet know, so we shared with him Alma 32 where it talks about the seed.
We were then talking to him about baptism, and he talked about how he felt that in order to be baptized he should be free of addictions (he smokes, and we haven't yet taught him the word of wisdom!!
Also at the end of priesthood meeting we asked the men in the ward if any would be available to do some visits with us this week, and two men, the bishop, and this investigator said they would be available, but our investigator said he would like to know a little bit more first. (yeah he is really awesome)
We are also teaching a young woman, who at the "festa" saw that the people serving food were behind, so she jumped in and started helping. She also has introduced us to her mother, grandparents, and her mothers boyfriend (her mom is separated). She goes to all of the activities in the church, and is making friends with the members of the ward.

Well I love you all and pray that you are blessed, and have the stregnth to resist temptation.
1 Corinthians 13:13
Elder Lindsey

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