Monday, June 29, 2015

1st Week in Barbacena: Faith in Jesus Christ Leads to Eternal Life

Well another great week in Barbacena. The people here are considerably more open than the people in Rio, The Catholic church is considerably stronger here, so we are having success. The only problem is that the chapel is in a rather inconvenient spot, and we didn't have investigators at church.

But, hey! This week we are going to do a big event in the middle of the city with a bunch of members and we will be handing out pamphlets, copies of the Book of Mormon, pass along cards, and talking to every one who passes by.

This week we taught one of our investigators the Word of Wisdom, and he has simply vanished. We aren't able to talk with him, as he isn't picking up the phone. When we go to his house his father says he isn't home. We are praying that we can encounter him again and that his testimony will out weigh his desires to continue smoking.

This week we had several of those days where nothing happened, but while walking one street we felt like we should start knocking doors, and on that street alone we started teaching and gained baptismal dates with three families. Now we have to see where this leads and pray hard for them.

Thursday we were heading to lunch when we had a man stop us and try to burn us using the bible, and I decided rather than burn him like I usually do to try and speak with love. It didn't make that much of a difference for him, but for me I felt considerably better then I usually do after something like this happens.

Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and more or less tied everything to two points: Everything starts with faith in Jesus, and leads to eternal life.  
Also Sunday we had a M.M.T.C. (member missionary training center) where we talked about how the members can better fulfill their part and help the missionaries. 

Have a happy Monday (and for you missionaries happy p-day) 

Stay firm in the faith!
Moroni 7
Corinthians 13
or just go do a thorough study about Charity.

Elder Lindsey
Sempre Fies 

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