Monday, July 27, 2015

Mission Tour--1 Year in the Mission

So this week we had mission tour. 
We had P-day and this week almost everything fell through but we found a family of 8 (6 above 8 years) 
We went to Juiz de Fora, and prepared for mission tour.
We had Mission tour and returned home (and I completed one year on the mission)

This week was hard. I think because it's winter break no one is home, so its hard to find people and hard to teach them. But despite the difficulties that made the work hard we did well.

We learned a ton in mission tour!  It was more or less follow the spirit, be humble, follow the spirit, work effectively, follow the spirit, increase your testimony, and whatever the spirit says... DO IT. Oh and did I mention follow the Spirit?
Elder Costa talked about his conversion and his testimony and how important it is to follow the Spirit. He talked about the power of the Atonement and how hard it was for Christ and how we rarely understand exactly what happened or exactly how perfect Christ is. He also told us that we through the atonement may be as Christ is. Perfect. We may be clean. He is the Savior. We may be saviors on mount zion. He has become as the Father, and so may we, through the power of the Atonement. Christ has overcome the world, death and sin, and so to may we. 
Even though we are nothing compared to God, we are not nothing to him!  Your worth to Him is great, and He loves YOU. He loves you enough that He sent His Son. He loves you enough that he restored the Gospel of His Son. God is watching over each and every one of us, and with God on our side how can we fail?

Now is the time to chose whose side we are on, and if we aren't on the side of Christ--get there now! Put both feet on His side and run to Him with everything you have, because it is hard, and there are those that would destroy us.

I know that God loves me. I know that he cares for me, and wants me to succeed. and so that I may succeed He send His Son.
Elder Lindsey

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