Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hard Work and Good Food--Week 1 in the MTC

Well this is it. I made it through week one.
The plane flight was crazy long, and none of us got much sleep. but that didnt stop us from starting classes that day, and being immediatly immersed in the ctm life. the food is way good here, they serve rice and beans with almost every meal, and have a pizza night every wednesday (yay today is wednesday) where they serve pizzas with white sauce, and chocolate bannana pizza. (they have their own pizza oven here) every day we get up, shower, then have personal study. afterwords we eat breakfast, then have additional study, then companionship study, then service (where we help clean the cmt). After servicao we have physical activity, where most of the american elders go play basketball, but i find vollyball to be way better.
we then clean up and have lunch, then we have our first 3 hour class, where we are completely immersed in portuguese. then we have dinner (its at four so its a little early) then we go to our second 3 hour class (right now we are trading off practing teaching an investagator in portugeuse (we started on thursday)) then we have planning (i realized somewhere in the day i missed language study, i dont remember exactly where it fits in but its in there.) and we get a snack then its off to bed and repeat.
today we had the oppurtunity to go to the temple, it was awesome, we all but comletely filled the session.
the days are going alot faster, no longer seeming like weeks. my district is awesome (especally when we are on topic)
on sunday they threw us in with a portugeuse branch because the english one is bursting at the seams. the devotionals here are great (but hard to stay awake through). the choir here is pretty big, there are about 250 missionaries who sing in the choir (there also happens to be around 250 missionaries here...)
we have 8 guys in my district. 7 are from utah and one from arizona.
we all feel a little tired most of the time, but we all get by.
We live on the 6th floor and class is on the first floor meaning we run up and down stairs alot (here the first floor is the first floor above ground level, so i geuss i live on the seventh floor.) and it is aweful when someone forgets something because they have to run up 5 flights of stairs, and they have to drag their companion with them.
well after this email, i get to go out into the city with my district (we only have like 2 blocks from the ctm that we can go, but hey! its something.
Its been around 60 all the time ive been here and has rained at least 5 of the days ive been here. everything i hear about juiz de fora is good, they speak slower then in the city, they have better food, they dont get cold (if this is cold then i dread summer)
 thank you so much for all of your encouragement, and for all of the insperational messages you sent me.

I love you all
 - Elder Lindsey

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