Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elder Holland Visits Brazil MTC

Well, I will be here at the CMT for a grand total of 7 more days. I am excited, and feel vastly unprepared (but considerably more prepared then when I got here). The food here is still good. It has been a really hot and dry winter here like the mid-seventies, and it has only rained about ten days while we have been here.
One of my instructors, Irmão de Oliveria got engaged this week so he was really happy the next time we had him. (they were reading Alma 7 and he poppped the question)
Life here in the ctm is just about the same every day--minus last Thursday. We had Elder Holland come speak, and we all got to shake his hand. He talked on obedience and our purpose as a missionary. He talked about our purpose and got to the first two words of our purpose, which are 1. "invite" or,  we ask them to come, and our duty is to bring the Spirit and they have to do the rest. "Others" 2. If we are to invite others, we already have to be there. We must be our first converts here in the mission field. He also said "unless you are a Brasilian missionary you don't rise to the summit"
Well I get to be a Brasilian missionary, and I have decided to reach the top, whatever the top might be (Elder Holland was joking about the Brasilian missionary thing).
I am really excited to get out into the field, for the field is white already to harvest, and here in the ctm I feel like the amount that I am learning each day is not as much as the day before. Thankfully this week we basically learned about being a missionary, instead of studying language (we all love gosple study a LOT more then we like language).
Life here in the CTM gets really boring (as we have at least ten hours each day stuck in a tiny little room). Oh I forgot to say, we got three new elders in our district (one is still in provo) so we now have 11 going to Juiz de Fora, and aparently we are the largest group of American Elders to all get our visas at the same time ( there were 15 who arived with me) which is really cool. Everything I hear about Juiz de Fora is good, the work is progressing, the people are nice, and that you will baptize people. It is going to be really hard, but nothing worth doing was ever easy.
The language is coming and our district is doing English fasts (no English whatsoever). It's hard to say what I want to say, but I learn so much more when I don't speak any English. Well time runs short, so see you in two.
Vocês me faultam, e penso de vocês .
I miss you all, and think of you.
With love.
Elder Lindsey,

P.S. future E-mails will probably be on Mondays (and I might not email next week)

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