Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Proselyting for the first time...and sketchy meatballs??

Proselyting was amazing!! We got to place 4 copies of "O Livro de Mormon"! The first was easy, as the guy spoke like five languages and wanted to talk to us in English. Then had two guys come up to us and ask for a copy, and the third three of them were members, and the fourth wanted a Book of Mormon. He is a man who has a strong testimony of Christ, but he has never heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and we talked with him about how the Book of Mormon is ment to be junto with the Bible. After that we still had about twenty minutes, so we managed to give out about 7 pass-along cards. It was a great experience, and I learned that very few people talk anywhere near as fast as my instructor Irmão Nasimento. 

Speaking of instructors, one of ours, Irmão Leal, is now going to college, so we just got a new one yesterday (Irmão Ceasar). This last week we also got to go to the federal police station to apply for residencey, and apparently another Elder and I had a problem with ours, so we go back again on Friday. The other day we had a rainstorm that dumped water like  crazy, and the power kept going out (the CTM has  a generator so it only goes out for a few seconds). We had some really sketchey meatballs this week that tasted more like mint than meat... Thanks for all the letters. I have to say I kinda miss home, but they dont give you enough time to miss home for more then a few seconds before you are off to some other activity. We didnt get devotional last night which made me really sad, because devotional is what carries me until p-day, but they changed it to tomorrow, so I'm pretty sure it is for an important speaker (rumor has it that it is Elder Holland). We are beginning to be tired of studing in the same room for 10+ hours a day so sometimes we try to study outside. We have a massive group of 16 american elders arriving in our zone today, and I think there is another district or two in other zones. The bus ride to and from the temple was a lot shorter then last time, so my legs didn't feel like falling off. 

They now occasionally serve panckes for breakfast (the best thing I have eaten here, with the exception of tortugitas (little chocolate turtles). I miss having american food, and random thing, just about every Brasilano that we talk to loves lasagna, it appears to be just about everyones favorite food. I am excited to get out of here, it gets kind of boring doing the same stuff each day. 

Other news, I am the new district leader (which basically means I pick who prays). I am kind of scared to get a haircut at the barber here. Most of the district got one this week, and they either had their head all but shaved, or had random bits of hair that weren't cut (Elder Grigg had racing stripes in his hair, and an alfalfa spike, which we trimmed) Just about all the friends we made in our first week here at the CTM have gone home (as in our district and the other american district that arrived the same day as us are still here) I am excited to get out in the field and only have 13 days left in the CTM. I am just about the only guy in my district who isn't gaining weight. I love going to the temple as missionaries, and we take up just about the whole session, and today i did the whole thing in portuguese, and understood a lot more then I thought. Well we only have like 45 min here to email home so I am running out of time, so I love you all, thank you for all the letters and prayers, signing off Elder Lindsey. I love you all. 

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