Monday, October 13, 2014

Transfers plus a Flooded House!

  Well, this was a great week. Absolutely awesome!    It is transfers this week, and we are losing Elder da Luz, but the rest of our district will stay here.
So Tuesday I got to go on a division with Elder da Luz, and it was great (even if I didn't really know the investigators or area). Our friend Wesley (aka the skunk) temporarily returned (he didn't make too much noise, and hasn't returned again). Elder Conceção broke my bed again (it is now being held together with duct tape and string) and our house flooded (-ish---we walked in to a large puddle)
     Our bathroom sink sprung a leak while we were at church on Sunday, and when we returned, water was leaking out from under our door (which is right next to the bathroom). We quickly turned off the water, randomly found a spare of the part that was leaking (coincidence, I think NOT) fixed it, mopped up the water, and that's it.
     On Friday we were teaching a less active with a member, and the lesson ran over a little bit (a lot) and at about  9:20 we headed out the door.  Thankfully they both have motorcycles! So Elder Cordeiro on the back of one and I on the back of the other (as long as they stayed side by side we weren't breaking any rules) zipped home and sprinted up the stairs to our house to arrive at 9:30).
     Our investigators are doing well, and we had 4 at church :)
     We have two new investigators, who have great potential!  Sebastião, and Eva who like to talk a lot so it takes at least an hour to share a message with them! We often have to bring them back on topic, but they are doing great.
     The Lord blesses his missionaries a LOT. I see blessings in my life every day, many times a day.
Well I love you all, and pray for you oft (I think its Moroni 8:11)
Remember, the Lord loves you, and blesses you often
Elder Lindsey

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