Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Well this week was transfers!
 Elder Cordeiro, Elder Conceçao and ! are staying here. Elder da Luz foi embora,e his replacement is Elder Dennis from New Zealand.
So Tuesday we went to the Rodoviaria (bus station) to drop off Elder da Luz and since me and Elder Cordeiro were the only companionship in the zone without a transfer we stayed there all day to be temporary comps with those who were waiting, and due to the fact that Elder Dennis came from the farthest part of the mission, we had to return Wednesday morning to pick him up.
This week was okay. All of our baptisms fell through, but we've rescheduled for next week, so hopefully we will have two (or more) next week. Almost all of our investigators (except for 3) are referrals from the members.
 Help the missionaries! In truth we have referrals from only 3 members, but lots of investigators from those. So this week we started something new. We have a stack of referral cards that we gave to members at church, and they filled them out and gave them back, so this week we will set about visiting the many people we were referred to.
The gospel is really awesome! Our investigators almost always ask questions that are answered in other lessons, so sometimes we just have to say, "we will answer this question next time, and here is the pamphlet of the next lesson if you want to study a little before next time."
Pray for our investigators to come to church, they need to come to church to know its true, and we don't always have investigators coming to church.
This week we were walking down R. Rio de Janeiro when a man came up and started talking to us (almost always a good sign) as with almost everyone we talk with the topic quickly turned to religion, and missions. The man has been interested in finding the right church, and often goes to several different churches a week. He was amazed by the missionary work, and asked if he could go along to our next lesson, which sadly fell through, and afterwords our paths divided, he was heading to another city for the week, but we invited him to come to church so hopefully he comes this next week.
It's really interesting that I can't speak Portuguese very well except during a lesson. I can say almost anything I want to say with little difficulty.
It has been extremely hot this week (it gets up to the mid thirties by the time we leave our house) I carry two water bottles with me, and they are empty by the time the sun goes down. Last night we had an impressive rainstorm, which should help cool things down. It was raining so hard that often times we could barely hear the thunder of the lightning due to the drumming of the rain on our roof. and there was plenty of lightning.
Well that's all that I have for now, so signing off!!
I love you all
Elder Lindsey

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